Knights Sports Xmas Football Facts

Just 8 days to go until Christmas Day! All football fans up and down the country know that the next festive party is 9 days away, as there’s not much better than Boxing Day football!

It’s never a quiet period in the world of Football during this festive stage, so here’s some of our best Christmas themed facts to wet the appetite ahead of this weekends football!

1) The first boxing day clash


The first boxing day football match was played at Hallam FC which saw them host Sheffield FC. Sheffield FC won the game 2-0 at Sandygate back in 1860, an incredible 156 years ago! Sandygate is still home to Hallam FC to this very day!

2) The last British football game to be played on Christmas Day!

SPL Christmas

We could of told you the last English game to be played on Christmas Day, however that would have given you an answer to one of our trivia questions on our quiz coming out in a few days time! The last British football fixture to be played on Christmas Day, surprisingly, isn’t very long ago! Back in 1976! Incredibly a crowd of 7,500 all went to watch a tasty 1st vs 2nd Christmas cracker at the top of the first division as St Mirren faced Clydebank. Maybe, or maybe not in the Christmas spirit the sides shared the points following a 2-2 draw.

3) Which Premier League team has the best Boxing Day record?

man utd boxing day

Although not currently acting as the Premier League giants they once were, Manchester United do still hold the best Premier League record on Boxing Day having won 18 out of their 22 clashes! The most recent, maybe not one to remember for Manchester United as they were defeated 2-0 away to the hands of Stoke City. Their last victory was at home against Newcastle United under Louis Van Gaal.

4) Bottom at Christmas, Down at the end of the season?

Sunderland Christmas

Clubs who have been bottom at Christmas in the past 24 Premier League seasons, have all ended up being relegated come the end of the season, with the exception of 3! West Brom’s great escape in 2004/2005 was a rememberable one, as was Sunderland’s 9 seasons later! An incredible story for the third side, As Nigel Pearson’s Leicester City were bottom at Christmas in 2014. Pearson would go on to keep the foxes up against the odds come May! He would then be sacked, replaced by Claudio Ranieri who would then go on to win Leicester the Premier League title the following season! – I know it still sounds like a fairytale! Hope for Sunderland?

5) Highest scoring Premier League Boxing Day fixture?

barry xmas

Have to go back a few years, back to 2007! Chelsea or Aston Villa fans ring a bell? The 8 goal thriller was played at Stamford Bridge which saw a last minute equaliser netted by Gareth Barry meant the points were shared in a 4-4 draw.